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Bobo & Bear meets Facebook

I believe its Saturday... its been that kind of week. 

This week we celebrated our youngest's birthday, battled through the latest batch of home-schooling, continued with our 9-5 jobs and just about kept up with out Bobo & Bear orders. Half term is a welcome arrival! 

A genuine and heartfelt thanks to everyone who has placed an order with us in our first 2 weeks of business. Setting up a website, sourcing products and everything else that comes with starting a business has been a big leap into the unknown for me. Knowing that the products we are bringing to the website are popular and getting great feedback from you all has been a big relief! I put a lot of work into finding UK based, sustainable and quality suppliers. This means what we sell isn't always the cheapest but, we like to think we are doing our (very modest!) bit to support jobs and other UK start-ups during this difficult time.

Speaking of difficult, this week we have been setting up our Facebook store. Its due to go live any time now...  honest! Its been 'interesting' but I think we have won. Just search 'Bobo & Bear' on the Facebook search menu and you'll be able to browse our full product range and make purchases without having to leave the comfort of the Facebook app. 

Keep an eye out for our special Facebook launch discount code which we'll share on FB and Insta early next week to get one time discounts on our entire range

Wishing you a peaceful and happy weekend,

Nic x