sustainable, independently created, ethically sourced gifts

Introducing Huski Home: A family business working hard to fight climate change.

Since launching Bobo & Bear in February, we have been on a mission to stock products that are sustainable, exceptional quality and sourced from independent UK suppliers.

We have found some incredible brands but one of our very favourites is Huski Home.  So, who are they and what is it that we love about their products so much?

Huski Home is a family-run company that put sustainability at the top of their priority list. They create eco-friendly, reusable homewares from natural waste and are committed to creating a renewable future.

Created by Lisa and Luke, their inspiration was to contribute towards the collective movement for a sustainable future by creating products that will eliminate the need for existing and single-use plastics. Following initial research, they decided to develop merchandise from under-utilised biproducts as solving an issue without creating a new one or exhausting existing resources.

Throughout their research and development, they realised the journey to sustainability was not about perfection, but everyone making small changes to see a collective difference and learn from one another.

After a year of research and development, the Huski Home rice husk travel cups were born. They have since evolved into making products from coffee husks, coconut products and grass straws. Products that are hard wearing, natural and can be easily swapped into your daily routine.

At Bobo & Bear we were first drawn to their stunning range of travel cups – we have several on regular rotation for our commute, day trips and inevitable child-tax service. The headline act for Huski, their travel cups are unique because they are created by recycling rice husks. The cups are twin walled, keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours. They are also free from melamine, BPA and silicone and are also non-toxic. They are very durable and, if treated properly will last a lifetime.

But why rice husks? Rice is harvested in mass quantities throughout the world.  When processed, the sheer volume of husks causes issues as how to properly dispose of it as rice husks, if not ethically discarded, can be a biohazard. Lisa and Luke created a way to recycle rice husks into a durable, reusable, non-toxic material.  This material is used in their cups, lunch boxes, and soon to be revealed household items.

This week we are offering 20% off all Huski Home products to celebrate the new additions from their fantastic range and our shared vision for a sustainable future.

(Offer valid 01/06/2023 – 07/06/2023)