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The Kindness Economy...

At Bobo & Bear we believe in the Kindness Economy - making people and the planet as important as profit.

How we live, buy and sell is changing, and it's changing for good. 

We are committed to working with only the best UK based, independent companies that embrace our core values of sustainability and ethically produced, 'Kinder' products services. You can read more about who we work with here and our own commitment to sustainability here.

Mary Portas has defined the concept of the Kindness economy and breaks it down into three very simple steps:

Find your philosophy. Ask: 'Am I behaving in a way that is respectful to myself, the planet and others?'

Be creative. Habit is the enemy of creativity, We stand to gain so much by experiencing the word as if its new.

Embrace change. This is about adaptive evolution. Its time to embracer more purposeful behaviours. 

We truly believe that even the smallest of collective changes to the way we live and consume products WILL begin to make a huge difference, that's why we remain committed to people, planet and profit - in that order.